Digital Photography

One of our most important dental tools has become the digital camera. Dr. Field prefers professional brands which produce extraordinarily high-resolution images. Paired with a high magnification macro lens, these images are used for diagnosis, patient communication, treatment planning, treatment confirmation, shade matching, imaging, and lecture purposes. We have hundreds of before and after images to view of nearly every type of dental procedure.
All of the clinical images taken on this website were taken in-house.

High Magnification Loupes

The use of magnification in dentistry provides increased image size which allows Dr. Field to visualize things not otherwise perceptible to the naked eye. Magnification not only improves the quality of care provided to patients, but also expands the range of treatments that can be offered.

The Benefits of Magnification

  • Magnified image
  • Brilliant illumination
  • Increased precision
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Improved dental care

Dr. Field prefers the microscopic technology from Designs for Vision. The precision optical research and manufacturing done by Designs for Vision is among the most sophisticated in the world.
If you have questions about the technology we utilize, please contact Theodore Field DMD at 561.443.4133.

Ultra Sonic Scaling

Patient comfort at Theodore Field DMD PA is our top priority. Unlike older ultrasonic machines, the ProSelect is able to remove the deposits under a patient’s gum line with gentle vibrations providing much more patient comfort. The ultrasonic vibrations are strong enough to remove stains and hard deposits, but are gentle enough not to harm gums or teeth. When the tip of the ultrasonic scaler is placed near calculus, it painlessly breaks down and removes the build-up. The ProSelect 3 scaler is the most sophisticated ultrasonic scaler on the market today.

Some of the advantages of the ultrasonic scaler include:

  • Faster than traditional teeth cleaning methods
  • A pleasant alternative to hand scaling
  • Safe and effective method to clean teeth